Roxana C N Meechan


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artist statement

As an Electronic, Visual & Performance artist I seek inspiration from my personal experiences to create new myths based on my own stories (or new stories based on my own myths), hopes, fears... useful tools to explore human transformation & flitting moments of magic...As a Community artist I design & develop opportunities for others to engage in creative processes departing from their own dreams & realities.

My video/animation work has been shown at ICA for the London Film Festival, ISEA Helsinki, ISEA Rotterdam, "Women at the Verge of Technology" at the London Filmmakers Co-op, Bandit Mages Film Festival in France, Edinburgh Film Festival...

My Live Art Performances have taken place in Scotland, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain...



I am a multi-skilled, highly qualified community artist, performer and designer with substantial skills in video art, computer animation production and direction, and multimedia design and development. I have received various forms of funding (see publications list) in order to establish and manage cultural and international projects and perform research.

I have extensive experience in general arts development, youth development, arts fundraising, creative project management, networking, teaching and business liaison.
I am proficient in translating and interpreting Spanish and English, I have conversational and written language skills in French and extra conversational skills in Portuguese and Italian.