Roxana C N Meechan


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  • Produced and directed Art, Dance and Computer Animation video works such as "Quetzalcoatl: The Serpent", "The Mirror...Mirrored", "The Morrigan" and "The Shell" shown nationally and internationally (see Exhibitions link)
  • Setting up interactive multimedia and computer animation production facilities at Lauder College of Further Education, Youth Film Studio in Durness, Sutherland and Music Studio in Brora, Sutherland.
  • Designed and produced interactive CD-ROM demos such as "The Entrepreneur Ship", "What is Multimedia?", "Kikaflik's kiosk", "Sustainable Development", and "Learning Difficulties and Chito-Ryu Karate".
  • Organised and conducted a Video Conference between Lauder College’s Youthstart members and Youthstart organisers in Helsinki, Finland. Participated in a 4-way Video Conference between Spain, Italy, England and Scotland to evaluate live a CD ROM encouraging European Women to become Entrepreneurs. Participated in a 4-way Video Conferences between Partners in Hebrides, Shetland, Southern Ireland & Sutherland as part of a Transnational Folkore Project.
  • Provided Multimedia Consultancy for a Leonardo Project ran by DAICE (Division of Academic Innovation & Continuing Education) at the University of Stirling. 
  • Designed and developed Websites such as Kikaflik, ADAPT’s "Tierra-Azara" (Telematics for Small Enterprises), "Youthstart", D’Artagnan for Lauder College and CTI SocInfo and EUCEN THENUCE Task Force 5 for the University of Stirling.
  • Undertook design work for projects such as the Usher Hall Gala Concerts, the Royal Lyceum Theatre Masked Ball, the Dundee 800 Hydro-Electric Sound and Light Show (Fire Sculptures and Fireworks display), the St Margaret 900 Celebrations (Multimedia Performance Video Production), Street Biz Festival (Pyrotechnics and Stage Management) and many other events.
  • Successfully managed (also providing artistic direction) community performance art groups such as "La Bruja", "Tramlines", "Splinters", "Whigmalearie", "Theatre in Motion", "Alto Cirrus" and "Butoh Dance".
  • The Big Picture (Quality Development Tool for Voluntary organisations)Peer Supporter
  • Founded TribesNETribes - New Media Arts for Young People ... promoting Peace and Harmony. TribesNETribes is an informal voluntary youth organisation set up as a mechanism in order to be able to organise European Youth Exchanges and Multicultural Projects promoting Cultural Diversity & Human Rights and using The Arts & Media/New Media as a tool. More information about TribesNETribes can be found at As TribesNETribes Director (volunteer), I have facilitated & co-ordinated the Scottish part of many projects. Some include: "Multivisions 2000" - Exploring "identity" through digital video-making, a project sponsored by ASTRA Satellite and Youth for Europe and shown at the EXPO 2000, Hanover; PRO-COOP - Social Entrepreneurship Training for Youth Organisations and Youth Workers ( a long-term project); Give It A Go! - A Course which ran for three years to train European Youth Workers on how to work with disadvantaged Young People. Roxana Meechan was part of a training Team of three trainers designing & delivering the Course.
  • TribesNETribes is a founder member of the R.O.P.E. Network (founded in Germany)
  • Currently TribesNETribes is involved in the E.A.S.Y. - European Activities to Strengthen Youth long-term EU funded project, a project to train Young People to become VIPs to promote Youth Exchanges & other Multicultural & Art & Media related Projects amongst their Peer Group.
  • Further away from Europe TribesNETribes is involved in the Video Conversations Project connecting Sutherland & Brazil Youth to discuss & compare ways of life in their respective countries using Video as their conversation method.
  • TribesNETribes is a founder member of the Healthy Network (Founded in Belgium) has set up the Arts for Health Working Group within this Network
  • TribesNETribes belongs to the Drums for Peace Network (Founded in Denmark) ... and have organised many Youth Exchanges and Youth Workers Trainings in collaboration with DfP. TribesNETribes, Highland Council and Drums for Peace collaborated to organise the Forum Theatre Training Course for European Youth Workers at Carbisdale Castle in Sep 07
  • Participated in Bread Matters I (Poland 2000) and Bread Matters II (Portugal 2002), an Artist led Project exploring "Bread as the Symbol of Power and Poverty at the same time".
  • Participated in a Seminar Series called "Working in Public: Art, Policy and Practice" organised by the On The Edge Research team. For more information please see
  • Participated in Beyond the Wall (The Circle), an European Artists Lab to look into new ways of working with Youth imprisoned or at risk of being imprisoned (04)Developed Leader + funded Transnational projects (ART-S.INC, Let’s Share! Phases 1 & 2, The Virtual & The Real Storyteller, B-XAFE…)